If you want to submit your articles to Google News, it can be a great way to get your content in front of a large audience. Google News is a popular news aggregation platform that brings together news articles from various sources around the world.

One common error that website owners encounter when submitting their website to Google News is “Section missing content” or “There are no articles in this section.” This error occurs when Google News is unable to find any articles in the RSS feed for a particular section of your website.

Fixing “Section missing content” & “There are no articles in this section” Errors

Fortunately, this error is relatively easy to fix. By simply changing the URL from /feed/ to /feed/rss2, you can ensure that your articles are correctly indexed and displayed in the appropriate section, increasing your online visibility and reaching a wider audience through Google News here’s how.

  1. Head to https://publishercenter.google.com/
  2. Select Google News & click “edit” at the top right
  3. Navigate to “Content Settings”
  4. Use the 3 vertical dots on one of your Sections and click “edit”
  5. Within the RSS or Atom feed URL location change the URL from http://www.website.com/feed/ to http://www.website.com/feed/rss2/
  6. Click “Apply” then click “Refresh” 5 times (you should get a notification at the bottom)
  7. Click “Save” and “Next”
  8. At the right side under Preview, click “Reload” 2 times for each section then wait 15 seconds
  9. Finally refresh your browser until ALL articles are generated!

By making this simple change, you can ensure that your articles are correctly indexed by Google News and displayed in the appropriate section. This can help to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience through Google News.


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